Eclypse Adherent

Super absorbent dressing with soft silicone contact layer

Eclypse Adherent


  • High capacity
  • Rapid absorption
  • Atraumatic soft silicone wound contact layer
  • Breathable fluid repellent backing
  • Moist wound healing environment
  • Moisture locking central core

Eclypse Adherent is a super absorbent dressing with CrystaLock™ technology, non-strikethrough backing and soft silicone contact layer.

The CrystaLock™ layer absorbs exudate and locks it within the dressing to prevent leakage. Infection causing bacteria, and Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs), that can stall wound healing, are also locked away with the exudate.

Top tip
The soft silicone wound contact layer allows Eclypse Adherent to be placed onto the patient while a bandage is applied for retention.
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    Eclypse Adherent
    10cm x 10cm CR3881 10 £43.00 £51.60
    Eclypse Adherent
    10cm x 20cm CR3883 10 £54.00 £64.80
    Eclypse Adherent
    15cm x 15cm CR3863 10 £71.90 £86.28
    Eclypse Adherent
    20cm x 30cm CR3864 10 £143.70 £172.44
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Eclypse Adherent
10cm x 10cmCR388110EKH034325-2293£43.00
Eclypse Adherent
10cm x 20cmCR388310EKH011325-2269£54.00
Eclypse Adherent
15cm x 15cmCR386310EKH036325-2277£71.90
Eclypse Adherent
20cm x 30cmCR386410EKH015325-2285£143.70