Cell salvage of blood components

HemosepVet is a novel ultrafiltration cell salvage technology, designed and developed in the U.K.

HemosepVet uses its new and easy-to-use method of cell salvage to collect blood lost during surgical procedures. The collected blood is processed in the Hemosep bag, resulting in a haemoconcentrated mix of all cell species, including platelets and clotting factors, that can then be transfused back to the patient.
Hemosep blood bag
Key benefits:
  • The animal receives its own blood rather than a plasma substitute, fresh frozen donor plasma or donor plasma cells
  • Stabilised recovery time and the reduced risk of rejection
  • Cost savings vs alternative methods
  • Solving the problems of:
    • The need for donor blood
    • The shortage of blood products availble
The Hemosep technology

1. The blood bag

This houses the Hemosep technology (the filter membrane and the superabsorbent pad) and blood whilst it is concentrated.

2. Filter membrane

This has a unique pore structure to control what is able to pass through during concentration so that no cellular components can pass into the super absorbent pad.

3. Super absorbent pad

This absorbs all unwanted blood components during the concentration by the filter membrane and turns them into a gel like substance for easy disposal once complete.
The Hemosep device
Hemosep Cell SalvageThe Hemosep device concentrates blood by removing the fluid component of whole blood, the plasma,from a pooled volume of blood salvaged during, or at the end of high blood loss surgery. The technique for removing the plasma from the blood product, leading to concentration of the cellular components, is fairly simple but involves a number of critical steps and controls.

If your practice would like to be involved with conducting clinical evaluations for Hemosep, contact us today!
The importance of wound management

The importance of wound management

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