Algivon Plus

Reinforced alginate dressing impregnated with 100% Manuka honey

Algivon Plus


Manuka honey brings the following properties:
  • Aids in the reduction of bioburden
  • Osmotic effect, drawing harmful tissue away from the wound bed
  • Maintains the ideal moist wound healing environment
  • Ability to absorb exudate
  • Reinforced to maintain dressing integrity
Algivon Plus has reinforced alginate fibres enabling a sustained, slow release of honey whilst maintaining the integrity of the dressing. Algivon Plus is an ideal choice for wetter wounds as the alginate has a small capacity to absorb, meaning the honey isn't washed away with exudate.

Top tip
Algivon Plus has the capacity to absorb exudate so is ideal for use on wetter wounds.

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Product Size Stock Code Pack Size NHS Code PIP Code Price Quantity
Algivon Plus
5cm x 5cmCR42305ELS549374-9496£17.50
Algivon Plus
10cm x 10cmCR42255ELS550374-9512£30.00